Sprayground x Mod Sun “Holidaze” Collection

by on December 14, 2012

Who you know in the game right now is killing the category of backpacks and duffel bags more than Sprayground? Honestly though they combine such unorthodox designs that hold no restrictions and nothing has changed with this collection. I must say that this collection is rather versatile as it features three new styles; the Wild, the Have A Nice Day and the High Life.

With such dominate colors and unique designs, it’s only an amount of time until this collection is deemed a major hit because of its success. This is what exactly what happens when you break the rules while still utilizing one’s creativity. The collection features three Deluxe backpacks and three Weekender duffel bags which are themed after the three new styles. The designs of the items features cheetah and zebra print, a very blunt message of have a nice day, beverages and camo sharks.

Surely the bags look good on the exterior so you’re wondering, there must be flaws on the interior of the bag … WRONG. Each backpack offers premium functionality; a velour sleeve to carry your laptop, a sleeve for your tablet as well(on the days you don’t want to carry your laptop), a sunglass compartment and a hidden stash pocket which can be where you store all your goods needed for a trippy time.

In addition to all these goodies thus far, Sprayground joins forces with hip-hop artist, Mod Sun (model seen in images) to deliver such a complete collection. Head over to the online store now to get yours before they run out of supplies. Have a trippy Christmas with Sprayground this year.