Sandro Sneakers

by on December 18, 2012

We already know that Isabel Marant has basically annihilated her competition in the fashion industry this past year, but lets not forget about another Parisian fashion house – Sandro – who’s also dishing up some pretty cool, casual footwear for the ladies.

Sandro’s ‘Albatorock’ and ‘Amandine’ sneakers have caught my eye recently. Crafted in a very simple, feminine style with luxe fabrics and studded details, Sandro’s sneakers are extremely versatile yet eye-catching, like much of the clothing we see from the fashion house. The brand’s clothing ranges in price and style – offering a little something for everyone – but their new sneaker line is really what I’m interested in.

The ‘Albatorock’ ($600) and ‘Amandine’ ($515) sneakers by Sandro.

As you may be able to tell (since I included them twice), the Albatorock in Pink/Denim ($600) are my favorites – I love the mix of the soft feminine pink leather with the bright blue, simply-studded denim. They remind me of Lana Del Rey and a sunny Parisian summer for some reason (yes, I’m weird), and they’re definitely a must-have for me. They also come in leopard print  and black ($600 each).

The Amandine are a simpler, more understated take on the women’s sneaker, and great for everyday purposes. They’re available in solid black and nude, both with python detail on the front of the shoe  ($515 each).

What do you think of these sneakers by Sandro? Would you wear them? Let me know in the comments section.

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