Video Appreciation: Theophilus London ” I Stand Alone”

by on December 20, 2012


How come is it that Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” video has accumulated over 20 millions views thus far while Theophilus London’s video for “I Stand Alone” hasn’t even hit 2 million views. In this case, I guess it’s quality over quantity as I’m sure the audience of people that have seen his video is much greater in that sense. Nonetheless, Theophilus treats us to a visuals that is just marvelous and wonderful as the song itself.

As usual his outfits are flawless and it’s unbelievable as I have never seen him wear something that was mediocre; everything has been exceptional. He even transforms himself into a cowboy throughout his journey to a rural land, showcasing his chameleon abilities when it comes to style, fashion and his surroundings.

His striking lyric of ” The clothes don’t make the man, it’s the man that makes the clothes” is a testament to him not believing that everything he wears has to be expensive or from an upper echelon brand in order to be considered fashionable or appealing. This video is a true embodiment of just how everything from his style, music and creativity all blend into one creating a fireball of greatness that doesn’t ever seem to burn out.

Respect the LVRS‘ general and let his music take you to another realm.

Lyrics deciphered and provided by Rap Genius