Fashionable Lyric Of The Day

by on December 21, 2012


This is actually more than one lyric, it’s actually the entire song that is just flooded with fashionable spoils and lyrics. Thank God for Rap Genius as you probably wouldn’t truly understand just how submerged this song is, in the fashion world. Rap Genius plays the role of your perfect translator and decoder for this song as they always DO. Just about every two lines, Theophilus or Rocky makes a reference to a luxury piece or an established brand.

This song was perfect for these two as they are two of the most fashionable people not only in New York but also in the entire world. Their different but yet similar styles blend together to produce a harmony between two artists that I haven’t seen in a while. Just look at the chemistry they had in the studio while making the song. The video can be seen below. Enjoy.