RIP Capital Steez

by on December 24, 2012

As a fan of  the Progressive Era, the super group of talented artists and musicians that run with Joey Bada$$, I found it very sad this morning around 6AM I found out that Capital Steez had passed away.  The 19 year-old, Steelo, as he was also called is really Jamal Dewar who was a songwriter, MC, and most importantly a brother to the Pro Era fam.

The cause of death is unknown, and his last tweet was “The End”. Now, it is not my place to make any speculations, but I find it rather ironic when tweets like this are published then the person dies. Afterward, many of his Pro Era counterparts began to tweet him as well without a reply. Hours later, they all began to tweet in floods “RIP”. I find it so scary because we are the same age, I had  just seen him at a small concert in Brooklyn back in October.  Jamal, had his whole life before him and was making major hits with the rising success of the new Pro Era mixtape “The Aprocalypse. ” This is a tragedy to happen to such a young person, especially for the holidays. My prayers go to his family, the ProEra Fam,  all his loved ones. Rest in peace; long live Steelo. You will be missed.  Remember, life is not promised, so enjoy the time you have with your love ones while they are here. Enjoy your holidays ILS.