Stussy Japan 2013 New Year Snake Collection

by on December 28, 2012


With a new year on the horizon, Stussy drops off a new collection for the masses. Over at the headquarters of Stussy Japan, they decide to drop off a collection that would honor Japan’s New Year and the animal that is associated with it, a snake. The collection comes out pretty dope as the incorporate the concept of a snake into all for items.

Three of the pieces happen to be tees which featured the skin texture of a snake heavily and then a hoody which is gifted with the skin of the snake within the graphic featured on the chest of the sweater. One of the tees are accompanied by a powerful quotation of ” In This Great Future You Can’t Forget Your Past” Expect to collection to be at Stussy Japan and other stores in the next few days so be prepared. Enjoy.

Props to : Hypebeast