Video Appreciation: Air Force Ones by Nelly & St. Lunatics

by on December 30, 2012


Before artists were rapping about Givenchy, Gucci, Fendi and all these other high fashion brands, they rapped about Air Force Ones. A prime example of this was Nelly, who was probably one of the biggest ambassadors for the sneaker for a very long time and he proclaimed his love for AF1‘s with this video right here.

This was back around the time was AF1‘s were one of the greatest sneakers on shelves at the moment so it’s only right that we pay homage especially being that Nike just recently launched their new AF1 campaign. Looking back on the video and looking at what AF1‘s are today, you can see the development and evolution of the shoe from the Lunar technology to the Foamposite AF1‘s that are available today. Enjoy the video and take a trip back down memory lane.