Brand Spotlight: Random Consumer

by on January 5, 2013

Real recognizes real and as cliche as that is, it is surely one of the most genuine statements ever. This happens to be a perfect introduction into today’s Brand Spotlight because of the brand that we chose to feature.Random Consumer preaches a principle of adhering to their consumers’ needs while trying to be as down-to-earth as they can. 

Random Consumer was created by Kendall Scott who’s a firm believer of connecting with his customers. To prove just that, he delivers all pieces to the customer as long as they aren’t living too far. He could easily set up an online shop and ship everything out but for him it’s all about the brand and not necessarily the sales. He wants people to know his brand thoroughly so they have an understanding for just who they are dealing with.

Some of the items that can be purchased can be seen in the gallery below. Contact Kendall by phone (347 781 1446) or visit the website (RandomConsumer). Enjoy.