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Vinny Cha$e Luxy “Chanel” Mask

by on January 12, 2013

I’ve never been a big fan of ski masks, but after coming across this I had to admit I thought it was pretty dope. The Chanel logo is a bit more refreshing than the pandas and bears. However, I’m a bit curious is the whole ski mask thing played and lost with Trinidad James, Lil Wayne, and Frank Ocean in 2012? I’ll let you be the judge.Regardless, I hope none of you would like to fashionably rob a bank and if you are a fan  the white is currently out of stock, but the black is available. Keep checking the website though. It has been said that there will be more in stock. *I did not take these pictures*


  • ticia

    Are the black ski masks still avaiable? if so how much are they?