ILS Radar: Travi$ Scott

by on January 13, 2013

Travi$ Scott probably had one of the most underrated years in 2012 but the right people surely paid attention to the young phenom. Having much to do with G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Summer, Travi$ Scott was thrown into the spotlight before he could even blink and I must say the young man has handled himself adequately thus far. It’s amazing though as the masses still don’t truly understand where he is headed and what he will be able to accomplish throughout his career.

What should come to your mind when you think of Travi$? A young Kanye maybe, or maybe let’s keep it less controversial and stick to Travi$ being himself and growing into the man that he is destined to become. Comparisons to legends are a beautiful thing but everyone wants to be their very own entity and make their own legacy.

So now you’re thinking why exactly do I see such a bright future for Mr. Scott … Well he has many talents that are unparalleled for his lane which have his competition non-existent or walking on eggshells. With that being said, there is truly nothing that can hinder Travi$ from attaining superstar level. He’s blessed with impeccable rapping skills, stupendous production expertise and one of the more potent styles that I have ever seen by a rapper. If I had to compare him to a basketball player it would probably being the soon-to-be ROY, Damian Lillard. 

Damian has seen nothing but success throughout his first season.  He has a couple records already under his belt, a few clutch shots, and  a demeanor that has helped him to be unfazed by the pressures of being a first year starter in the NBA. I see this being synonymous to Travi$ because he has some of the biggest co-signs in the game already, a few tracks that have been sizzling in the streets and 2013 seems to be his coming out party. He also has the fashion world in his reach to be one of the next biggest fashion icons, if he isn’t one already. After this year he’ll probably have to add more dollar signs to his name.

**** Sidenote: ” Ill-America Baby” is probably one of the greatest signature soundbites ever and Travi$ Scott is the gate keeper to it. Best believe also he has been in the lab cooking up some major CRACK MUSIC to kill the streets.