What Is APEX?

by on January 13, 2013


In today’s world, the masses are realizing that whether it’s fashion, music, sports, etc., one simply can’t do it by himself anymore. I’m not saying that one person can’t make everything happen for themselves, but it’s surely one tall mountain to climb alone. With that being said, collectives are nothing new, but they utilize the unique skills and expertise of talented individuals to accomplish the goals of the entire collective. What’s a better feeling than “making it” with equally successful individuals around you; individuals that just so happen to be your friends.


Let us turn our attention to the APEX Collective– which consists of a few mainstays in addition to some affiliates. APEX consists of Reed Bennett, Clayborne Bujorian, Asten Martin and Will Smalling. All young geniuses in different aspects and molds, they have decided to join forces to create a powerful foundation of friendship and creativity. It won’t be long ’till these teenagers start tapping into their potential and begin to truly mold their legacy. Reed is the versatile designer; Clayborne is the Mr. Miyagi at discombobulating. Asten is an artistic producer with a relentless work ethic and Will happens to be the modern day renaissance man and playboy (Check out his first interview here). What you can expect from them in 2013 is nothing short of pure excellence filled with many projects and collaborations. But for now, let the mystery and confusion begin.