The Fashion Film, Hood By Air Presented By SHOWstudio

by on January 16, 2013

What do you create when you combine emotions, guns, fashion, and sports together? I think this was exactly what Matthew Williams and Shayne Oliver were pondering while being assisted by Tom Guinness. An unorthodox combination but a very potent result; the film is a true artistic work. As of late Matthew Williams has been at the helm of creative directing many projects and this is no different as he continues to enhance his expertise and produce masterpieces. Without him, the film would have probably never happened so we must be grateful that they decided to band together to ensure a spectacular production. 

The film was created to showcase Shayne Oliver‘s Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection and it entails models who are seen wearing crop tops, kilts and accentuated torsos while enjoying the spoils of an automatic weapons that assist in releasing their emotions. All garments used in the video were picked by Tom Guinness. Another plus to the film was the impeccable apparel used in it.

One thing I found ironic was the exclusive musical piece by A$AP Rocky that was used as the soundtrack of the short film, and this is because his album released today. Make sure to go ahead and get yourself a copy of his debut album. Enjoy the film as well.