Introducing “The Affair” Co-Written by Ramya

by on January 20, 2013


Rumor has it that ILS’ “Friday photo-shoots” are about to become highly sought-after. Specifically, it is where we conduct Melanie Swaffar’s fashion segment, interview eclectic individuals, and take photographs of ILS supporters and collaborators. While sitting down at one of the photoshoots recently, we decided to make these Friday’s more official. We want to offer new and enlightened content to our supportive readers and to highlight the very talents that have and will continue to inspire ILS.

We call it….” The Affair “– It is the opportunity to sit down with the these individuals and to create a platform of cultural and social exchange. We called it “The Affair” because it allows for a median point for  individuals who are creating significant strides in the fashion, art and music industries, while adding a level of mischievousness and mystery to the event. This is the very first “The Affair” and it features: LEGEND-daily, Davinci , Ramya Velury, Calvin Play, Melanie Swaffar and her model. All photos were shot and edited by our very own in-house photographer, Christopher Levy.

The Attendees :-

  • LEGEND-daily is the co-founder and executive editor of ILS. He is the center of this week’s “The Affair,” as he common denominator of all of these individuals. He carefully selected them based on their talents, exposure, and experience. By day, he goes by Kadeem, a kid who moved to New York 8 years ago and fell in love with the downtown scene. His weaknesses include rare kicks, the NBA, and of course, ILS.

  • Ramya Velury has been recently designated as the Creative Director of ILS. She is an individual gifted with an enormous thought process alongside an uncanny ability to bring out the best in people. Making sure the focus is not lost, Ramya is the oil to the engine that keeps us going.

  • Davinci happens to be the founder and head designer of Davinci NYC. He’s been in the fashion world for some time now and has been praised for his intricate accessories. Check out what he’s been up to HERE.



  • Calvin Play is an aspiring musician who has probably met and had a drink with your favorite celebrity. Although Calvin is always ready to ” turn up,” he is a man about his business and currently works at Universal Republic. You will be seeing more from Calvin in the future especially in the music world. It won’t be long until he makes it to the top. He’s also a young fan of Sweet Brown.

From left to right: Model, LEGEND-daily, Ramya Velury, Calvin Play, Melanie Swaffar, and Davinci

  • Melanie Swaffar is a young designer but also a stylist who is highly motivated to make her mark in the fashion world. In 2013, we will see more releases from her “G386;” however, for now she’s putting her stylist abilities on full display for the public. Melanie has the cutest dog ever named Bamboo.