Horus Sharingan Snapback by Haer Brain Schemes

by on January 22, 2013

Last time I saw the Eye of Horus, Naomi Campbell was given a private house shaped into it as a gift and you couldn’t even imagine how much it cost. I digress though as this isn’t about Naomi Campbell and her glamorous life but instead we spotlight one of Haer Brain Schemes‘ new releases which comes in the form of a snapback.

The graphic that is seen on the hat is a combination of the Eye Of Horus & Naruto Sharingan Eye. The green brim on the hat compliments the black base perfectly and the small HBS triangle that is featured on the back above the strap, caps off a solid hat. The folks over at HBS have been cooking up some major crack recently, and in the next few weeks we can see some very potent releases. We will surely keep you updated, but for now you can head over to the online store to get your hat and to check out the other merchandise they have available.