ILS Radar: Gilbere Forté

by on January 22, 2013

Today we feature a hip hop artist by the name of Gilbere Forté on the ILS’ radar.  Although he has had minimal exposure, Gilbere and his fans have high expectations for 2013. With such a work ethic, it won’t be long until everyone notices him. Taking the backseat for some while now, Gilbere is primed to kick things into gear this year.

My stats on Gilbere:

  • His video for Pray was one of the best videos of 2012 despite not blowing up.
  • His flow is very calibrated and envied by many rappers.
  • He’s a poster boy for Android Homme.
  • Immensely talented but proudly humble.
  • His hunger for success is worst than yours on Thanksgiving Day.
  • His supporting cast is remarkably solid in their respective aspects.
  • He has the clothes and the accompanying style to pull it off.
  • He’s exactly what the music industry needs.