Reebok Classic Signature T-Raww Commercial

by on January 25, 2013

After enjoying a glorious year in 2012, Tyga seems on the verge of having a monumental year in 2013. Last year Tyga made many strides in his life and two of his greatest moments were the release of his album and the birth of his son, King Cairo. In 2013, Tyga unleashes his very own sneaker, the T-Raww.

After landing his very own sneaker deal, Tyga must be giving himself a pat on his shoulder. Although Tyga has seen much success lately, he’s surely not letting up at all. It’s not many people who can say they have their very own sneaker and Tyga now has this exclusive privilege. The commercial gives us a short inside-look to what his life is and the level of stardom that he has now attained. He also gives viewers some words of encouragement.

It’s great to see what people have accomplished as it can only inspire you to do the same. Enjoy the commercial and let us know what you think.