“The Affair” Featuring Glyn Brown, Ian Connor, Ade Oyeyemi, & Bradley Aka

by on January 25, 2013

This week on “The Affair,” we managed to get a few of Downtown’s favorite boys. Known for having Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube on lock, they have a charismatic presence both online and off. ILS, meet the boys every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with…

All photos were shot and edited by Christopher Levy.

The Attendees :-


  • Glyn Brown is the founder and designer of L3NF, standing for Love and Fashion. Glyn is one of the most charismatic people you will ever come across. A student at Parsons, Glyn has his eyes set on some new prizes in 2013. New releases, events and possible collaborations are all in the works to advance the empire he has set out to build. One his goals for 2013 is seeing the maturation and development of his close friends (IanAdeJoo & Ken Rebel). His level of leadership is exceptional, yearning for his friends to achieve excellence as well.

  • Ian Connor has taken the title “King Of The Youth.” Since moving to NYC, Ian has done nothing but insult, violate and, most importantly, amaze the people that are lucky enough to catch a moment with him. Recently turning 20, Ian will still continue to represent hope, courage and vitality to the thousands of kids that admire him. Although his usual poses and facial expressions may be vicious, Ian is a very gentle and peaceful human at heart. Ian is simply trying to find his place in society, while making his individuality known to the masses.

  • Ade Oyeyemi is the little brother and secret weapon in the group. Ade is the understudy who has been taking notes from his big brothers, patiently awaiting his take over. He may be young but he holds an immense amount of knowledge, constantly learning from his predecessors. Ade has perfected the infamous Theophilus London pose (pictured above). He is also a huge fan of my personal favorite, Damian Lillard. 2013 will be Ade‘s “breakout year,” as he is ready to put all his talents on full display.

LEGEND-daily & Bradley Aka

  •  Bradley Aka is a NYU-Poly student and a Chi-Town representer. Upon meeting him, I realized Bradley wasn’t a regular college kid. He enjoys the lavish spoils of life, from purchasing exclusives at Kith to having luncheons at Cafeteria. Although he may be a student, it hasn’t stopped him from investing in his dream to rap. With an EP coming, Bradley will show the world another great talent. The stylish wordsmith is what mothers look for in a guy courting their daughter. I’ve been pleased with his development throughout these years and 2013 will be a pivotal year for Bradley.
Co-written by Ramya.