Brand Spotlight: Fear Of God Los Angeles

by on January 26, 2013

Fear Of God Los Angeles has grabbed my attention for quite some time now and for many reasons. The mystique behind the brand has been building lately especially because of the celebrities who have decided to grace these garments on their bodies. The Basic Long White Tee has been worn on various occasions by G.O.O.D. representers, Kanye West and Big Sean.

The Basic Long White Tee isn’t the only piece they have been wearing, as Kanye was seen recently wearing the Long Slim Fit Flannel as well as the Essential Hoody. Nonetheless with support coming from these fashion icons, it won’t be long till Fear Of God Los Angeles reaches a new plateau of success. For the time being you can head over to the website and check out what other pieces they have. Keep an eye on Jerry Lorenzo and his genius.