REVIEW: RHUDE Presents Online A/W ’13 Presentation

by on January 27, 2013

Today, RHUDE presented their A/W ’13 collection in an online presentation via their website. From the previews Rhuigi released from his Instagram, I expected an entirely new direction for RHUDE (cc: the RHEVOLUTION), beyond the bandana print. Including sleek satins, hand-knitted wools, and elegant leathers, Rhuigi and Rhoxy have released one of the best menswear mixed with street-wear collections this season. Click the jump for more!

RHUDE primarily gained notoriety with the infamous bandana tee, most commonly seen by some of Rhuigi’s best friends like Kendrick Lamar and 40 Oz Van. It was arguably THE quintessential tee of the summer, but just the beginning for RHUDE. Quite frankly, the best models to rock the oeuvre of these designers are the grandfather and father of RHUDE (2nd picture in the gallery). SO CUTE!

The collection adequately reflects Rhuigi’s style, a layered look with a touch of linearity. Featuring RiRi zippers and a blend of textures, the collection  has a high-fashion aesthetic with a low-fashion adaptablity. The images on the website are black and white, so I can only really review the textures and structures of the collection. The RHUDE a/w 2013 collection is the embodiment of urban minimalism, sleek essentials that seem sustainable and to the point. The collection wasn’t wildly unique, but it is evident that durability was a main focus. Many of these pieces are simple, making them wardrobe essentials that are “day-to-night” ready. My favorite piece is the biker jacket (featured below). Check out more pictures of the RHUDE a/w 2013 collection below!

When I first met Rhuigi, it was over the summer at Darby NYC, when Theophilus London was performing with Dev Hynes. I asked what he “did” and he regurgitated a quick “I’m a designer.” I, being a natural skeptic and cynic, cooly responded with a “Really? Personally, that’s a title that should be earned and not awarded. Meaning, you’re not a designer if you just screen-print t-shirts. Defensive, he articulated his abilities to cut-and-sew and his projected goals for 2013. His explanation kept me interested and watchful. Since the encounter, I could tell RHUDE had no expectation to just ride on the initial successful product, which kept my interest and support. Fashion is about investment in the brand and not just the product. So make sure you catch the preview of the new collection on RHUDE’s website!

by @tisramya

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