ILS Interviews: Q&A With HK Covers

by on January 28, 2013

The moment I discovered HK, I knew this kid had a talent to die for. After paying attention to several pieces I decided to reach out to him. It was imperative that I got to know him better. Responsible for many glorious covers, it was a win-win on both ends. Enjoy the Q&A and let me know what you think of HK.

1) When did you start diving into creating and designing covers?

  • “Around the summer of junior year in high school, my  friend was dropping a mixtape and was wondering if I could make the cover art. I had no idea what to do so I went on http://www.picnik.com/ and edited his profile picture into some basic cover .. he ended up liking it and used it as the art for his tape. Then I was working with him for all his GFX, around his 3rd tape that’s when I copped a bootleg version of Phooshop Cs4 and its history after that.” – HK Covers

It’s been a journey for sure but you seem to be doing what you’re meant to do – LEGEND-daily

2) When did it hit you that, maybe you shouldn’t take what you’re doing lightly?

  •  “When people told me they started listening to music because the cover I made inspired to them hear it, or when people get inspired to do graphic design because of what I do .. it really opened my eyes showed that I really am making an impact with my work.” – HK Covers

If you’re able to touch and inspire someone then you’re surely doing something right – LEGEND-daily

3) Has this been something that you always wanted to do?

  •  ” I always wanted to do something that would allow me to be creative, but I never knew this would be the route I would be taking.” – HK Covers

It’s incredible to see the surprises that life has for you – LEGEND-daily

4) What have been three of your greatest creations thus far?

I must admit that Finally Rich cover is absolutely amazing – LEGEND-daily

5) In this year, what have been some goals you have set for yourself?

  •  ” Work with more major artists, hone my craft better, learn new techniques, push my name out more, and become a millionaire. ” – HK Covers

All I can say is to keep on grinding homie – LEGEND-daily.

And there you have it, our first Q&A with HK Covers. Make sure to head over to hkcovers.com to check out his portfolio especially if you need artwork. A very admirable and hard-working young man, keep an eye on him.