“The Affair” Featuring Gaius Nasa

by on January 28, 2013

Gaius Nasa is a fashion house that recently came through in one of the first developments of “The Affair.” The head designers, named Gaius Cruz and Michi Roh, are a heterogeneous couple that form a perfect homogenous relationship that is reflected in their current collection. Hit the jump for more!

All photos were shot and edited by Christopher Levy

Gaius Nasa’s collection includes bomber jackets and graphic tees that feature reflected patterns and crisp metallics. The “Fossil” bomber has been seen on Gitoo TV (featured below) and even our very own LEGEND daily. Take a look at the attendees below–

Michi and Gaius are the power couple and head designers of Gaius Nasa. A Parson’s alum, Michi is the quiet one of the duo. She is the necessary observant who constantly absorbs and processes her surroundings. Gaius is really quite the face of the company, with a charming and mischievous personality. The kid’s got moxy and he’s lucky he has Michi to keep him straight. As far as their collection, it’s simultaneously intricate and simple. The metallic bomber jacket is my personal favorite!

Deniz is a 20 year old Turkish American videographer who operates out of the financial district. While working on videos for many up-and-coming rappers and designers, Deniz is also a freelance model who works for Gaius Nasa. He is currently working on the fashion house’s short film.

Sentry is a 19 year old rapper who has recently performed in Times Square, opening for the rapper Xibit. He is a member of the indie rap group, Ragnarok. We haven’t heard any material from Sentry yet, but we look forward to hearing his new projects!

Written by @TisRamya