Haer Brain Schemes’ “Brain’s The New Black” Collection

by on February 1, 2013

With the release of their hat collection still very fresh in our minds, Haer Brain Schemes decides to let drop off their newest collection. The “Brain’s The New Black ” collection is the next step for the brand and today we get a look at two pieces.

The first piece happens to be a long-sleeve champion tee. The black and white tee features “Indigenous” printed on the sleeves. In addition, we see a circular graphic of “Haer Brain Schemes” on the back as well as the “Brain’s The New Black” triangle featured in the front. The second piece is a pocket tee with “Brains” written in Japanese on the pocket. The back features the number 8, accompanied by an above graphic of “Brains“. The tee is finished off by a sleeve print of the “Brain’s The New Black” triangle. ¬†These pieces will be released two hours from now at 3pm EST. Make sure to head over to the online store at that time.