“The Affair” Featuring Roxanne Brown & Leaf Mclean

by on February 1, 2013

This week on The Affair, we had the pleasure of having Roxanne Brown and Leaf Mclean. As you will see from the photos, Ian Connor decided to crash the party and caused all kinds of chaos; however, his unexpected arrival assisted in capping off a beautiful night with beauties Roxy and Leaf.

Co-Written by Ramya. All photos taken and edited by Christopher Levy.

Leaf Mclean is a rapper, singer, DJ, model and entrepreneur all balled into one. Leaf recently released her long-awaited mixtape, Naked & Wasted, and seems ready to take her spot at the throne. The 17-year old goddess is as versatile and talented as it gets. Her mixtape showcases her rapping and singing skills, while simultaneously exploring different genres of music. With an impressive project under her belt, many people and sites have took notice of the talented artist. At the tender age of 17, her development and maturation is nowhere close to slowing down. The future will tell what will come of her but we can only expect excellence from the young lady. Make sure to download her mix-tape here. Follow her on Instagram @itsmeleaf

Roxanne is a model, personality and socialite who has an affinity for menswear. Most notably featured as the face of  Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream, Roxanne has her sights set on becoming a television personality. I (Ramya) invited Roxanne this week because of her innate gumption. She understands the fallacies behind the over-exposed industry and knows exactly what she wants and will be completely blunt about it. Regardless of her valued experiences, Roxanne is very gracious and will be the first to step out of pre-determined social scripts. Follow her on Instagram: @rox_brown.

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