335MM Presents: “Mae Day Tee”

by on February 4, 2013

On February 15th, 335MM will release the “Mae Day Tee” to the public. I must say the t-shirt gives Cassie’s Diamond Supply Co. a run for its money.  With that being said, it features a portrait of the beautiful and very enticing Jesse Mae on the front. The picture happens to be shot by the 335 MM. 

On the back of the shirt we see the number of “335” while also having four stars below it and Japanese writing above it. The simplicity and solid colors aided in accurate execution of the t-shirt. Make sure to check their respective twitters to know where you will be able to purchase the t-shirt. @335MM @youneedmae. Also head over to 335MM to discover their photography, videography and other visual creations.