Detroit Rubber Episode 2

by on February 6, 2013

The gang is back at it again! After accomplishing an impossible mission in the first episode, let’s see what they are up to this episode. This time around, we get to see them unwind and enjoy some down-time. With Rick and Ro out of the shop for a couple days, it’s time for the others to step up. Surprisingly enough, the shop doesn’t fall into a state of chaos.

Managing to get work around the shop done, they show they have exactly what it takes to maintain it. However newcomer, Devin, falls victim to hazing which turns out to be a true test of his loyalty. Rick and Ro‘s return prompts an eventful night out on the town where they enjoy the spoils of the night life. This episode truly showcases the unique and family-like chemistry that the people of the shop share with each other. If you ever happen to be in Detroit make sure to stop into the store to snag some really nice products. Check out their online store as well.