LEGEND-daily’s Reading List

by on February 8, 2013

Today on LEGEND-daily’s Reading List we catch up on what HK Covers has been up to, the collaboration between Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh, Ace Hood‘s new video for ‘Bugatti‘ and much more! Hit the jump to see what’s been brewing in these streets. The above image is seen in all black to commemorate Black History Month.

1. With Gucci Mane‘s new mixtape releasing literally any second now, HK drops off his Trap God 2 Cover. HK features Gucci surrounded by angels while being held by Mary herself. The icing on the cake is Gucci holding his two favorite things, Pyrex and Arm&Hammer. I pray that Gucci gets a chance to see this cover and maybe use it as his official artwork. If not, the piece is still a work of art. Need album artwork? HK is your man. Head over to his tumblr now and tell him I sent you! [HK Covers]

2. With Rockie Fresh in heavy rotation lately, this collaboration with Casey Veggies comes at the perfect time. Both artists look to truly break out in 2013 so why not start off the year with a very potent joint record. The theme of the record centers around their unique rapping styles and auras that happens to attract people to them; well mainly your girlfriend. I wouldn’t mind seeing more collabs from these two in the future. Head over to ThisGoesIN to listen. [ThisGoesIN]

3. Could this be Ace Hood‘s biggest hit since Hustle Hard? With the help of Rick Ross and Future, the song should do really well on the charts. The video should certainly add to its appeal and gain more exposure for the Broward County representer. Future‘s hook might be the most compelling part of the song but Ace Hood absolutely laces his verses. Check out to the video now [ThisGoesIN]


4. The ‘Bring Back Pack‘ by Nike x UNDEFEATED is certainly a pleasant surprise. I for one, didn’t see this collaboration happening at all and truly I’m blown away. The Nike Dunk High and the Lunar Hyperdunk are the two sneakers featured in the collaboration. They are covered in all white while having a gum sole bottom. In addition to this, the UNDEFEATED logo can be seen on the shoe as well. Head over to UNDEFEATTD to see the collection. [UNDEFEATED]

5. Last but not least is XXL‘s new cover. A$AP Rocky and French Montana get the honor of gracing one of the greatest magazines ever. The New York natives have done everything to put NY on their back and it’s only right for them to receive the recognition. Check it out now. [ThisGoesIN]