*UPDATE* REVIEW: Gaius Nasa A/W 2013 Collection

by on February 9, 2013

Today, one of ILS’s favorite fashion houses, Gaius Nasa, revealed their A/W 2013 collection. The collection is simple with minor detailing, obscure graphics and a range of textures. It even features one of downtown’s favorite personalities, Gitoo! Hit the jump for more.

I respect simplicity in a collection. I’m a classic Dries girl who appreciates the basics that provide a complete utilitarian and quality look. The physical pieces of the collection are intriguingly resolute, especially the biker jacket Gitoo is rocking. After a brief talk with one of the head designers, Gaius, it was confirmed that obscurity was a main focus, which can leave for much ambiguity. The collection seeks to live in a world for the collection itself, a temporal (and perhaps physical) labyrinth that exudes the fashion house’s blend of feminine and masculine with couture and casual. With that being said, I still feel the photographic part of the presentation could have conveyed the objective more.

The video aspect of the presentation fully captures the designers obscurity and duality of their brand (below). It features sharp aesthetics, short cuts and closeups that offer a thoughtful momento from the designers. Yet, the video seems unresolved in relationship with the chosen track, which made me wonder about the title “Thesis 1.” I presume a part II will sum up the juxtaposed perspectives. According the description, the video adheres to “a cold blue world of tunnels, labyrinths and darkness– best represents the collection and its mood and vibe, rather than solely the clothing.” Take a look!

Go HERE to see more images of the collection.