Brand Spotlight: Noir Et Blanc

by on February 12, 2013

Black and White … The most dominant colors but yet the most simple. Created by Sean Alquin, Noir Et Blanc takes the simplicity of streetwear and combines it with the complexity of high fashion. The straightforward approach he takes up, is enhanced by the crucial focus on fits and proportions that he prides himself on. He believes that with these principles in mind, he will be able to create timeless pieces.

These pieces would be synonymous to wine as they would only get better with every wear. This intangible will make it possible for the garments to be worn on a regular basis. Sean isn’t one who is infatuated with the limelight and the spoils of a flashy life. Instead he is truly satisfied when people genuinely enjoy and appreciate his garments for the works of art they are. If only more designers sincerely understood this concept of fashion then we would see more originality and creativity in fashion today.

His brand is used as a medium to show you just what he has experienced in life. Fueled mainly by emotions, each t-shirt represents a very critical period of time in his life. To tell the truth, you happen to not only purchase a piece of clothing but also you get a taste of his life and his journey.

On Friday, February 15th, we will see the re-release of the ” Fear The Skull” tee. This item will be available online here. Any updates on new releases will be seen here in the future. Enjoy!