Moss Magic Carpet Tees

by on February 17, 2013

I haven’t seen such a pattern since Aladdin. Although my rug may have a similar pattern, both entities aren’t the same. All-over print tees have been making a lot of noise recently and Moss is going to assist in pushing it over the top. I’ve been a huge fan of all-over prints and I’ve admired Moss Clothing mainly because of this.

Although the brand specializes in more aspects(make sure to check out their jackets), the all-over prints are surely one of their go-to weapons in their arsenal. Spring and Summer are quickly approaching and before you know it, you won’t be able to hide under those jackets anymore. Warmer weather calls for potent t-shirts. This Summer, all over print tees, will take the street wear world by storm. The two pieces feature a very intricate and simple design that immediately grabs your attention. Make sure to congratulate Moss on a job well done.

Goodbye Jersey Style T-Shirts … Hello All-Over Print T-Shirts.

These two pieces are now available for pre-order at Moss.