L3NF “45” Collection

by on February 18, 2013

It’s hard to say if this upcoming collection from L3NF is its best yet; however based on what has been revealed thus far, we can go right ahead and say that it is. Throughout the past 14 months, L3NF has inspired, connected and grown incredibly. The “45Collection happens to be the most recent body of work that truly embodies the progression and current state of the brand. Applying the same winning formula – affordable, stylish, and meaningful – L3NF has maturated at an astounding rate.

His development only continues to grow as Glyn Brown hasn’t gone awry from the principles that he initially began with. At times brands can have misguided visions as they may fall into trend traps; focusing on what’s hot and straying from the true theme of the brand. This hasn’t affected Glyn and L3NF at all as he has truly set a blueprint for many up and coming brands not only in New York but across the world.

The “45Collection will be released this upcoming Saturday, February 23rd at the L3NF event. The shirts were given a very professional treatment as they are presented beautifully through a very refined packaging. With no flaws in this collection, it’s not hard to tell just how much hard work and preparation was put into the collection.

L3NF helps you remember that you must be persistent in your own vision, in your own belief — the only way you will truly succeed. Authenticity will always separate you from the pack — just ask Glyn himself.

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