Wish ATL x 10.Deep ” By Any Means Necessary” T-Shirt

by on February 18, 2013

I’m like the Fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary … Wait that’s the wrong song. I mean it’s the right song but this has nothing to do with jeans, I digress though. Coming off of their Key Players collection, Wish ATL taps 10.Deep for a very promising collaboration. Wish has surely won over new fans as of late and I happen to be one of them.

The entire t-shirt is covered with Malcolm X‘s most famous face and pose. It wouldn’t make any sense to name the t-shirt anything other than ” By Any Means Necessary” . It will be released on February 21st and you will be able to find it in store and online. Get you one, ” By Any Means Necessary

Photo: HB