2013 Trend Predictions: The All-Star List

by on February 19, 2013

With fashion being at a curious juncture, it’s a bit difficult to truly tell what may be the next big thing. At this point there are many trends in the streets that are bubbling and just waiting to erupt. Many broke out in 2012 and will only look to build on it in 2013; which could just be their coming out party. Enjoy the list, and  for some, these will be a few of the trends that will aid in your Alzheimer‘s when it comes to remembering that you have a little something called ORIGINALITY

1. Leather EVERYTHING – As if it wasn’t a major trend in 2012, expect for leather to explode this year. All-Star weekend was a huge indicator of this. Surprisingly enough, Craig Sager was apart of the minute group that didn’t manage to include leather somehow in their outfits. I’ll let you know now, that En Noir will make a killing because of this epidemic. Evidently, leather is a very desirable material that needs the right treatment and proportions. Surely everyone can’t be Eddie Murphy ala ‘Raw‘.

2. Pants with cuffs and knit elastics – Soon everyone’s favorite pastime will be Soccer. These pants, however, don’t give you super Soccer powers; you’re still no Ronaldo. Cuffed pants happen to be the first cousin of tight jeans. ” I like tight jeans, I must like cuffed pants then” says the avid trend bandwagon rider. Much appeal comes from the pants so it’s not hard to see why people love ‘em. One elusive feature of the pants is its ability to exemplify the appearance of your sneaker. So go right ahead and show off that ‘heat’ young man. Yes I know they are already popular but by summertime, they will be one of the hottest commodities; no pun intended.

3. Basketball shorts being worn over jeans/pants – You all don’t have the BALLS to start wearing kilts yet so this will be the closest you can get to it. Many people are scared of the association that comes with kilts; not Kanye though. It seems whatever Kanye wears, the masses follow. He has prompted many brands to invest more in kilts as well as you to flush out your bank account. Less fashionable than a kilt but much safer than a kilt, i.e, just take a look at Pyrex‘s. Just how will this work in the sweltering heat where less clothes are just as significant as having your AC on blast. If you can’t gather the will power to attempt a kilt, we understand that crawling comes before walking.

Honorable Mentions: Bucket Hats, Silver Chains, Marcelo Burlon and Asics