Spotted: Ugo Mozie x Noir Et Blanc

by on February 24, 2013

I’ve paid very close attention to Ugo Mozie as of late. Not entirely because of what he’s been doing with Chris Brown but essentially because of the person he is. Beaming with positivity, Ugo has a beautiful character that everyone seems to love. This has aided in catapulting his fashion endeavors to new heights.

In case you have been living under a rock, Ugo has done a masterful job at styling for Chris Brown since being hired. He has even fitted Chris in a couple up and coming brands such as YeahLano but recently, Ugo was seen wearing a piece from a new kid on the block.

Ugo was seen wearing the ” Fear The Skull” tee by Noir Et Blanc which was seen on ILS (here). It was rather kind and generous of Ugo to do because a co-sign from Mr. Mozie can do wonders for just about anyone who’s new to the game. With that being said, the ball is in Noir Et Blanc‘s court at this moment. It is imperative that they grab the attention of the new onlookers while they happen to be eager about the brand. Execution in the proceeding months will be key.

Any new updates or releases from Noir Et Blanc will be found here.

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