Brand Spotlight: Covert Genius

by on February 26, 2013

Might just be one of the greatest brand names I’ve ever heard– surely it is one of the more impressive names. Covert is described by Google as not openly accepted or displayed. Now one would ponder to himself/herself as to why, a genius wouldn’t be accepted or put in the spotlight right? Fear of domination, fear of mystery, fear of power? These are strong possibilities but this is besides the point.

The brand itself is a mirror representation of the owner, Gabriel Whitehead. Gifted with intelligence at an early age, Gabe found himself straying from many of societies’ standards. Whether it was fashion or the activities he partook in, Gabe never engaged in many things that were deemed suitable for a person of such capacity.  If there’s anything you can take away from the young man, is his self faith and his drive to inspire. He understood that it would happen to begin with him.

Now here we are in 2013 and Covert Genius is prepping the release of their new collection. At the moment though, Covert Genius happens to have a few pieces available. The first happens to be the ” Inapercu Genie ” t-shirt. Inapercu Genie, featured on the front,  stands for Inconspicuous Genius. In addition to this, an photo of two of Gabe‘s friends can be seen in a triangle on the back. The other piece happens to be the OG Tee. This elusive t-shirt happens to feature many hidden gems. Just like Sonic did, you should take time to look for them. Here’s your first cheat code– the ranks on the sleeve. These happen to represent progression.

Last but not least, Gabe is on a mission. A mission to motivate others to live a genius lifestyle. First, in your aspirations, and then with the garments that you happen to place on your body. Give the young man some of your time by checking out his website. Surely disappointment won’t follow.

NBA Player Comparison: Dion Waters. A very potent rookie with the ability to take over a game and score in bunches. Potential for the young Cavalier is through the roof.

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