Thousandairez “Drip T” Sweatshirt

by on February 26, 2013

With the launch of BodegaNY, Thousandairez has decided to finally give us new product. This is maybe what Young Scooter was speaking of when he said ” the dope drippin’ wet ” (Bullet Wound). One can only hope that he wasn’t talking about something else. I digress though as I’m not a fan of incriminating others. 

Think about it, the sweatshirt would have been just mediocre if the dripping effect wasn’t added to the graphic.  With that being said, it’s now available at BodegaNY for $60USD. Fortunately for you all, it isn’t the only product that can be seen on the online store. Make sure to explore all the items that are available at the moment.

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