10.Deep Spring 2013 Delivery One

by on February 28, 2013

What can I say about 10.Deep–or is the question, what more can I say about 10.Deep? I don’t think there’s another brand out there that I will ever love as much as 10.Deep. I’ve loved and admired 10.Deep for years now, so it’s no surprise that when they release something new, my world stops. Could it be the all-over prints? Could it be the impeccable presentation of street wear? Or could it be something else.

Actually it’s all of these and a Sweet Dollar Tea from McDonalds. Oh yea… I drink and I LIKE THAT. 10.Deep … I rep that. Supa Hot Fiya … I watch that. This article … I wrote that. Somebody tell Def Jam to come sign the kid, nah mean? I digress though as Delivery One of Spring 2013 is exactly what I envisioned it being. Intricate designs combined with beautiful patterns are a sight to see. The collection features many of the same ingredients, just different results this time around.

So go right ahead and head over to the online store to check out the collection now. Don’t hesitate on buying as they will vanish in no time–then you’ll be stuck wishing for a restock. Click here to buy and see more of the lookbook.

Photos: 10.Deep

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