Video Appreciation: Ken Rebel – Rebelution

by on February 28, 2013

It’s surely been a long time coming for Ken Rebel. Out of hibernation, Ken releases his new song and video, Rebelution. I knew something was up because The Rebel hasn’t been seen lately and when I asked about him, all I received was a simple ” He’s working”. Evidently it is has truly paid off. I can sit up at this screen and type up lies for you but no I am truly impressed.

I have taken notice of his progression since I found out about him and it seems as if he’s coming into his own. His own realm, his own lane, his own playing field. HIS OWN is where the emphasis is placed. Through his rhymes, flow and delivery, you can see the maturation. I’m amazed of just how much he has been able to develop in these last few months. Halfway into the video I found myself thinking, ” What’s going to happen to these other up and coming rappers in NY” Starving for success and delivering these rhymes to the people, Ken has transformed into a possessed being.

It may seem ironic that Mr. Disrespectful shot majority of the video inside of a church–also playing the role of a pastor. However, he did this for specific reasons. Such reasons, are the ones I want you to decode. Yea, I just gave you homework and you can expect detention if you don’t do it.With the release of this video, Kendall propels himself into a new class. It’s safe to say he is now among the elite rappers on the rise in New York. With a work ethic that would run laps around many, we can only expect him to blast off from here.

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Videographer, Randy Dashing Films, did a splendid job on this video here!

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