LEGEND-daily’s ” When In Rome, Read This”

by on March 2, 2013

With change in the air, I decided to modify the name of my reading list to ” When in Rome, read this”. This, I hope, is received well. Today I touch base on many headlining happenings as well as an underground one. From HK Covers‘ most recent accomplishment to Ken Rebel‘s new video, and then some more. Click after the jump to see for yourself. The artwork above was created by HK Covers.

  • I must applaud the kid. His hard work has reaped glorious rewards thus far. In addition to that, I’ve haven’t seen a body of artwork tantamount to what HK has managed to create. Recently, HK was given the task of creating artwork for Young Scooter. And you know what? He nailed it. The cover for Pass Around is just what the doctor recommended. If you need artwork, please head over to hkcovers.com and make sure to contact him. Feel free to go through his archives and his most recent pieces as there are many masterpieces that can be seen. [HKCovers]
  • Ken Rebel‘s new song and video, Rebelution. Read description(here)

  • The good folks over at Teen Wolf have decided to make a documentary, Rift: Voices of Our Sisters. It focuses on a subject that hasn’t been resolved–hasn’t been given the adequate amount of attention. That topic happens to be the dysfunctionality of black men and women relationships. With the documentary not out yet, Teen Wolf has created a facebook fanpage to keep you up-to-date with the happenings. Make sure to like their Facebook page. Click here to like.


  • Last but not least we have KiD CuDi‘s new single, Immortal. This new offering is just what we have been yearning for from the Wizard himself. It seems as if his album will surely be one of the better acts of the year. Nothing he has ever done has disappointed me so I’m looking forward to the new project. Who’s better at harmonizing and making such uplifting songs? [ThisGoesIn]

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