“The Affair” Featuring Clarissa Forde, Sasha Loren, Chris Aprel & Shelly George

by on March 4, 2013

This week’s affair showcased some new faces in the downtown fashion scene. Clarissa Forde and Sasha Loren are both from Artsy Magazine, an underground music, fashion, and culture magazine. Chris Aprel is the leading designer of Aprel New York and can probably wear plastic better than Xenon; Shelly George is is a blogger-extrodinaire and even designed/ stitched the outfit she is wearing. Take a look!

Co-Written by @tisramya

Shot and edited entirely by Christopher Levy

Clarissa Forde


Sasha Loren

Clarissa Forde & Sasha Loren happen to be two integral components to the Arsty Magazine. Although rather young, both girls are bubbling with ambition however, they know it’s no walk in the park. Clarissa seems to be more of a social butterfly while Sasha can be deceptively quiet at moments. Albeit different personalities, both girls compliment each other rather well.They are quietly becoming modern day inspirations to young maturing females. The question is do they realize it?. Both girls have success on their mind as well as becoming the doyennes in their respective fields. Their age hasn’t hindered them from chasing their future and understanding what needs to be done. Make sure to check out Artsy Magazine.

Shelly George is a fashion blogger, as well as designer, who possess a perfect balance of fashion sense and individuality. Known in the bloggersphere as Naked2Fashion, she has garnered much attention as of late. One key game changer  that differentiates her style from others–her ability and will to create original pieces. Yes! You guessed it right, the pieces she happens to be wearing in the images were constructed by her. A gentle beauty she is–with a fiery passion for fashion and expressing herself through it. Make sure to visit her blog Naked2Fashion. Also if you missed her Blogger Spotlight, here it is(click here). She happens to be one of my favorite Trinidadians other than Trinidad Jame$.

Chris Aprel is one of the craziest people you may ever meet but the young man is gifted with a remarkable feel for fashion. Being the founder and head designer for Aprel New York, Chris is on a mission to deliver one of the more intricate fashion brands out there. Being with an imagination for the unorthodox, Chris utilizes this talent to create his designs and concepts. He is, certainly, one of the better young designers that I have came in contact with. If his fashion sense isn’t a genetic gift then it can be attributed to many surrounding influences. I must luad him for learning and adapting to fashion so well. Make sure to check out all his products at his online store, Aprel NY.

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