Brand Spotlight: Corner Ambition

by on March 5, 2013

As of late, I’ve been listening to mainly Young Scooter, so yes I know exactly what the corner is. The Corner is where you can lose your life. Where you can get involved in detrimental situations. Where you can sell contraband. In some places, the corner is all one knows. Albeit these temptations, a rose may occasionally grow from concrete. This time around, the rose happens to be Corner Ambition.

Drawing inspiration from the corner, Corner Ambition, directs their energy and efforts towards positive endeavors that can provide capital and prosperity. Choosing to avoid the corner life, is a true testament of one’s ability to realize that there ARE greater things out there in life. In case you haven’t noticed, nothing good happens on the corner–well, that statement isn’t a 100 percent true.

With that being said, Corner Ambition is taking their aspirations and visualizing them through the apparel. Based in Grenada, Corner Ambition has gained much inspiration from what’s taking place in the USA. ” Wait did he just say Grenada ” … Yes, yes I did. Hypothetically you probably wouldn’t expect this but with the World Wide Web out there, everything is just a click away.

The new collection is here and it features three pieces. With this being the first official collection, it can only go up from here. Head over to the online store now to purchase them.

NBA Player Comparison: Alexey Shved. A foreign rookie who has done nothing but exceed expectations. Has managed to stay consistent and smoothly transition to the NBA.

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