Brand Spotlight: Milané Noir

by on March 5, 2013

Too many girls limits themselves to H&M or Forever 21 pieces for the club or even formal events. By now, we understand that their products are cheap and can be rather appealing at times. However, it’s time for you to broaden your horizons. With that being said, we present to you, Milané Noir.

 Milané Noir is a women’s Prêt-à-Porter line that was founded in 2012 by designer, Melanie Rodriguez. Although it was only launched last year, Melanie has been a student of the game for some time now. This resulted in her working on her brand for a couple years now to ensure its potency. Melanie takes inspiration from just about everything that comes into contact with her–whether it be childhood memories or a random fashionista in SoHo.

Custom Piece by Milané Noir.

” Low Back Evil Queen ” Leotard by Milané Noir. Material: Stretch Ribbed

One major challenge for women today, is discovering elegant and high-quality pieces for them to put on their bodies. Once again, this is where Milané Noir steps in.Truhtfully, Milané Noir is a line that is suited for women of royalty. Many may consider themselves queens or princesses but your attire is a very crucial role in this. Melanie puts her entire all into her products so it comes as no surprise that all of her pieces are not only precise but are also draped and sewn by hand–a major indicator of her dedication and commitment to delivering nothing but premium products to her consumers. The ceiling for Milané Noir is limitless, as I see it becoming one of the most polished and respected lines for women not only in New York but across the world. September 2013, Melanie will host her very first fashion show and it will be one to die for. You’ll surely catch me front-row enjoying the magnificent spectacle.

“Kiss Of Death” Sweater by Milané Noir. Material: Knit Fabric & Ribbed Sleeves

With one hand already in designing, Melanie uses her other hand to partake in one of her other loves which happens to be styling. All images seen include some of her products but most importantly, all outfits are styled by Melanie herself. If you’re interested in purchasing and finding out more about her line, email Melanie at milanenoir@gmail.com. Also her twitter is @MELR0DRI and instagram @mellyrodri

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All images were shot and edited by Reverie Visuals(Reverie.Visions@gmail.com)