June Ambrose Introduces a HSN Shoe Collection

by on March 9, 2013

June Ambrose is woman of many roles, she is a wife, a mother, a celebrity stylist, and currently fashion designer can be added to the list. Ambrose has teamed up with HSN to launch her very own shoe collection! Last summer she was the go to gal for chic turban styling tutorials. I don’t know many  aspiring designers and stylists that don’t dream to work with her. See what she has in the works after the jump.

With the release date shortly arriving on March 22nd, June shared with Essence Magazine why she has chosen to design a shoe collection while adding that “They are more personal than a blazer or a pant, they add a lot of character and personality.” I couldn’t agree with her more. Shoes are the staple foundation to an outfit and commonly the first thing I choose when selecting what to wear.



The collection is a eclectic mix of prints and textures. It has been said that Ambrose has gotten inspiration from fashion icons Josephine Baker, Jackie O., and Tina Turner. She has even thoughtfully named one of her lace and patent leather detailed pumps “Onassis” after the legendary “America’s most iconic First Lady.”

June Ambrose for Theme Footwear-HSN "Onassis" Pump


Even more desirable are the versatility and affordability of the collection. June Ambrose for Theme Footwear–the full name of the line, has prices that range from $59-$119 and HSN even offers payment installments. Now you can’t beat that! The line shows to be the epitome of spring/summer fun! Ambrose has put a lot of thought behind this work, making sure that it fits the needs of the professional girl to the girl on the run. In order to discontinue the notion that “beauty is pain”  she has made sure comfort does not have to be compromised by creating a heel in the 4-in range along with cushioned padding and adjustable straps.

In addition to the Onassis pumps, many of the pumps and sandals namesake have been dedicated to notable fashion icons throughout history. Unbeknownst to her, June Ambrose is already a historical fashion figure. Someday someone will follow in her footsteps and name a shoe after her. She has come a long way from her emigrated Antiguan roots and has proved that dreams of breaking into the fashion world can come into fruition without a FIT or even Parsons The New School education. Things will only continue to look up for Ms. Ambrose. I wish her much success with this line and don’t forget  to order yourself a couple of pairs. Keep a look out on HSN online and ILS for updates.

June Ambrose for HSN


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