The Affair Featuring Roxanne Brown & Chinky

by on March 11, 2013

This week on The Affair, we had the pleasure of having Roxanne Brown once again with the addition of one of NY’s favorite DJ’s, Chinky. Whether you’ve seen them together, or a part, their distinction lies in who they are and what they do, which awes and inspires not only us in New York, but their international fan-base.

All photos were shot and edited entirely by Christopher Levy & Jamiqve Mascoll

Edited by @tisramya


With aspirations of making it big on television as a personality, Roxanne Brown could just be your next favorite woman in the television world. Graced with immense beauty and astounding charisma, Roxanne already posses two features that are envied by most. Roxanne represents what a new breed of women today– the ones with principles such as hard work, sophistication, independent and goal driven. She embodies hope for the new culture of women who are making their presence felt. Beaming with ambition, there is certainly more to Roxanne than most think.


Chinky is one of the true OG‘s of the new generation of go-getters in NYC. Going back to her high school days, Chinky always stood out so it’s no surprise that she’s in such a fruitful position today. Chinky is quickly becoming one of the best young DJ’s in NYC because of her popularity, versatility and ear for music. I’m a big fan of Trap Music and I heard she’s quite the connoisseur of the Trap. Yes I know, I’m slipping for not hearing any of her sets yet, but I always hear a great reviews about them. She also happens to be one of the Queens of streetwear fashion and OG Jordans. More importantly though, Chinky is a young woman who is filled with positivity and focused on setting the right example for females growing up, just like Roxanne. If you ever need a DJ, make sure to contact Chinky as she is becoming a hot commodity. Oh yea, she probably owns more hats than you will ever purchase in your lifetime.

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