3 Tumblrs That Caught My Eye

by on March 12, 2013

I’ve never been a huge fan of Tumblr but I’ve found myself as of late appreciating it a bit more and more. Here are a few tumblrs that I enjoyed from the minute I laid my eyes upon them. Click the jump to see them.


HK Covers – When he isn’t making glorious artworks that ends up in the hands of Soulja Boy, HK is attempting to bring to life his idea of basketball players wearing Pyrex shorts. The young wizard has already done some impressive client work for Young Scooter, Rocko and a couple others but with sights set on the sky, it’s time to elevate his game. All sophisticated and classless ratchetness can be seen on his tumblr while his website hosts all his artwork and projects. I’ve enjoyed his creations since initially discovering him. Make sure to check out his tumblr and his website.

tumblr_m72tm5vCWW1qcr6bbo1_1280Indigo Brunton – It’s not too many females in the tumblr world that stands out in my opinion but Indigo happens to be one of those rare occurrences. Filled with everything that is causing a ruckus in the fashion world right now, her tumblr is a style bombshell. Let’s not forget the occasional Trinidad Jame$ sighting that can be attributed to her love for my homeland–which may be hers as well– Trinidad & Tobago. At the moment, her tumblr seems to be somewhat inactive but I hope this will only encourage her to get the ball rolling again. Visit Love Parade now.

Any and every-thing can be seen on Mr. Hicks‘ tumblr. From an alluring women, to the garment you may just be saving up for, or your favorite Instagram celebrity, Cameron has got it all. My favorites happen to be the gifs and images of Paid In Full, which in my eyes will forever be a classic. However, I digress as when he does post original content, it happens to be model-esque photographs of himself.  Let’s just put it like this, if this was high school Cameron would be sitting at the cool table. Head over to his tumblr now. [kaonashicam]



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