Nike Pro Wave Pool Bra & Tights

by on March 13, 2013

And just like that, fitness has gotten even more stylish. Nike has always tried to redefine your performance in sports but now they are adding much more flair to it. The recent surge of fashion has been noticed by Nike as they have been making more efforts to improve the appearance of their products.



I’m not mad at them catering more to the women with these beautiful patterns and new products. Men can get away with a mediocre workout outfit but for women, it counts. I say this because women are given more attention when they work out, than men. It’s always a pleasant sight to see a woman either maintaing her physique or improving while doing it in style.

bra-1-9469 tight-2-9350It’s like Nike is bringing the runway to the gym and before we know it more girls may attempt working out while being covered in make-up. Nike is aiding in making our workouts at the gym harder as it will be rather a task to focus when so many females will have such appealing garments gracing their bodies. The new Wave Pool pieces will have many males “choosin” on these girls this Summer. Make sure to get you yours before your girlfriend buys them all out.

Photos: Nike

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