1 on 1 With Kim Braun

by on March 14, 2013

Here’s one 1 on 1 with Kim Braun, a fashion blogger from London. I haven’t done one of these in a while so it’s surely refreshing to do this time around. Enjoy the interview. Click to see after the jump. 

1. Who is Kim Braun?

” I’m a fashion blogger from Hamburg, Germany and I opened my blog, The FashionRobot, in March 2011 to share my personal look and my passion with all people around the world.
I was born in Hannover (Germany), 22 years ago and at the moment I´m based  in Hamburg after I lived for nearly 2 years in London. I’m an all life lover (love to eat, travel and relax) but what gives me the most freedom is fashion. ”

2. What is fashion to you?

” For me, fashion helps to express “yourself” and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting – and nobody else. Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self and not a refelction of every one’s expectation of what should be expressed. I would never say that fashion is the most important thing in everyone’s lives but it´s one big part of MY life. I love to dress up in the morning, to go shopping makes me always happy, to read blogs and visit Fashion Weeks. This inspired me and to mix my cloths makes me feel creative (also DIY).”

” Fashion allows me to express myself that words could.”

3. Why did you create your very own blog?

IMG_9665_zps43fc1a4f” First of all I had lots of friends in London who had fashion blogs and that was one of the reasons why I created The FashionRobot because I saw that it was fun. Another reason was of course: I love fashion and like to inspire other people with my personal look so a good friend told me: “You should start a blog!“.
I  love to share my passion with my followers and to get the chance to visit events which you couldn’t attend without a succcessful blog. It’s a good feeling to write about what you love and to get lovely comments and support. ”
” To have a blog isn’t always that easy but all this things help me to keep blogging. :-)”
4. What were the fashion highlights of 2012 in your opinion?

” I personally love flowers in spring and summer every year it doesn’t matter if it’s 2012 or 2013. I think fashion highlights are coming every year or every second year back. I always like leather, feather and fur vests. But I think the highlights in 2012 were neon, color blocking and print mix. ”

5. Can you predict any things for 2013?

” I’m pretty sure that leather elements on clothes are one of the highlights of 2013 and overknee boots are also coming back. But the best most important thing is to wear a smile and to feel comfortable. ;-)”


And there you have it people, our sit-down with Kim Braun. Another successful international 1 on 1. Make sure to visit her blog now.

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