Brand Spotlight: Lease On Life Society

by on March 14, 2013

I get it, by now you all may be drained by the use of Baroque and Romantic Era Paintings in apparel. Fortunately for you though, I’m here to rescue you. In my eyes, this trend has lacked much creativity and innovation. Too many designers have relied entirely on the essence of the paintings–or whatever images inspired them–and it has resulted in a state of comfortability. This state of stagnation has kept them from daring to produce new ideas in their clothing. Enter Lease On Life Society.


front jfdkhdfkjdfThough the brand may be inspired by many trends, they pride themselves on individuality–this can be felt strongly throughout the brand. The new ” Luxury Is Dead” Collection embodies everything the brand stands for. However, it also takes some of the trending art pieces and makes significant changes to produce entirely refreshing pieces. Life wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for innovation. It should be a sin when you take an image and use no effort to make it something other than what already is. I respect Lease On Life Society for taking original pieces and infusing them with their distinctive and stylish elegance.

What is the significance of ” Lease On Life Society“?

Simply said, it’s understanding that you can change your overview on life at any moment. With that being said, the brand itself has done much soul-searching since it’s launch in 2010. Finally in 2012, they have discovered where they stand and their place in this fashion world. Head over to their online store now. All pieces can be seen there.

front one


 NBA Player Comparison: Demar Derozan. Ever since coming into the league, Demar has done nothing but relentlessly work towards improving. This has resulted in a steady incline and his play this season has been a testament to his work ethic.

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