The Affair Featuring Katherine Mateo, Melanie Rodriguez, Akeem BH & Niyah Kerr

by on March 15, 2013

This week’s Affair features a few of New York‘s–and one of New Jersey‘s–finest. Fashion designers and enthusiasts; they are who we had in mind when we first thought of creating TheILSMag. It’s amazing to see just how far we have came and that we are able to gather these people under the same roof. Hit the jump to see who was here this week and why.

All photos were shot and edited by Christopher Levy with the assistance of Jamiqve Mascoll



Niyah Kerr is a true product of New York City. For those who don’t know, Niyah was actually a pioneer of street wear in NYC while growing up. I stand by this statement because he was a part of the unofficial BBC & Ice Cream street teams. Seen at the forefront of what would become one of NY‘s greatest fashion eras, Niyah certainly had a knack for staying ahead in the fashion game. With an immense understanding of what goes on in fashion, Niyah has decided to team up with Akeem Fields to create a clothing line. The line is inspired by everything that they love but also by the things that haven’t been created as of yet. Primed for nothing but success, the line will have high expectations and should be received very well. Out of the duo, Niyah is the quiet and reserved individual but he commands the same amount of respect as his partner.


Akeem BH can walk into a room and have all attention diverted to him. Though he might seem flashy, Akeem truly just loves fashion and purchasing luxury pieces for himself–not because he wants to hurt your feelings. Blessed with the spirit of a workaholic, Akeem will not cease in his efforts as long as there are still goals to accomplish. He was programmed to excel at fashion so it’s no surprise that he is now in process of producing his very own line with Niyah. After meeting him, I recognized that he was a very calibrated young man–surely something that I can relate to. Akeem is someone to keep an eye out for as he will be making a lot of noise this year. All updates on Akeem and Niyah’s line will be found here first!


Melanie Rodriguez is one of the hidden gems of New York. The gorgeous beauty is the founder and designer of Milané Noir which was spotlighted not too long ago on the website(click here to view). Upon discovering her, I’ve been intrigued and impressed by what Melanie is creating with her women’s line and after meeting her, it became clearer. Melanie isn’t only expressing her style through her pieces but she’s also attempting to align herself with the top tier women lines. All her pieces are visually attractive while still conveying a very respectable image for women. With the lane for women lines wide open right now, it’s a perfect time for Melanie to assert her position and take her spot among the elite. In the fourth quarter of 2013, she will be having her very first fashion show. Beyond brand building, the show will aid in displaying her new pieces as well as drawing more attention to her line as a whole. I hope you as excited as I am for what’s to come from the young lady.


Katherine Mateo is Ms. Do It All. When she isn’t being a student, or designing her very own pieces, or enjoying the ratchet sounds of trap music, Katherine is updating her very own blog, Purrrr. Katherine thrives because of her energetic and positive personality. With a melting pot that includes an incredible fashion sense, individuality and beauty, it’s no wonder that Katherine is coveted in the fashion blogger world. When you truly think about it, it’s rather scary as Katherine isn’t anywhere close to being in her prime yet. With her style and beauty being of the same stature, Katherine is literally a very legit young woman. With dreams of dominating the fashion world, the only thing that can impede her progress, is Ms. Mateo herself. Read up on her Blogger Spotlight here.

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