Introducing Ken Rebel, Jedi P, Telli Of NinjaSonik & Spencer Lee…

by on March 18, 2013

This week we wanted to highlight some individuals that are making New York City their personal playground. Ken Rebel and Jedi-P are two rappers that crave that intimate/ high-energy relationship at a performance, leaving their fans, especially the girls, desperate for just a taste of Ken Rebel‘s charm and Jedi‘s faint taste of marijuana. Telli is hands down the oldest kid you’ll ever meet and with his group, Ninjasonik, he was one of the first to commandeer hip hop’s abstractive “weirdness,” providing the necessary framework for some of the industry’s most popular artists. Finally, Spencer Lee is actually a kid still in high school. For a 17 year-old, he has already launched a fashion label, before even picking a college! Hit the jump for more.

Ken Rebel

A Brooklyn artist known for his unbarred lyrics and slightly ostentatious attitude, Ken Rebel is at the helm of his group of Rebels. When I met him over a year ago, he was most commonly known for his associations with Glyn Brown and Ian Connor, yet 2012 proved to be a crucial year for this “Disrespectful” rapper. Whether it’s opening for Trinidad James or performing at SXSW, the Rebel has an undeniable trajectory. The first songs released off his mix-tape “R.E.B.E.L” are accurately titled “Disrespectful”  and “Rebolution” give us an insight to this dynamic mix-tape set to release in May. The track features provocative and  controversial lyrics that are relayed in the extremely thought-provoking and ethereal visuals. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Instagram and be on the lookout for our video with him and Jedi-P! -@tisramya


Spencer Lee is a student-athlete first and then a fashion designer. I usually make it a point to spotlight someone with incredible designs and in this case, it remains true. Spencer is the creator of Spencer Lee , a fashion brand that features rather unorthodox but sleek designs. Drawing inspiration from his ethnic background, Spencer finds a very desirable equilibrium of heritage and personal fashion sense with his brand. Though his brand may seem somewhat of an expat because of the strange designs, it is respected around his peers and gaining much steam. On top of this, Spencer is a very talented individual  as he is rather athletic and also known on the dance-floor as ” Gully Creepa“. If you take Spencer to a “Passa Passa” party, he’d surely show out and have you in awe. In all, Spencer is a young kid who understands what his future holds and how he has to go about making it happen. The next stop for Spencer is college and by the looks of Instagram, it could be Syracuse, Fordham or Georgetown. – LEGEND-daily


Jedi-P is a mellow music artist hailing from New York City. With such soothing music, Jedi is synonymous to a bohemian as his aesthetic isn’t what you’re used to. One underestimated upside is his ability to produce beats as well. Whether you realize it or not, versatility is a very admirable trait to have. Though Jedi may seem a bit of a wild child, don’t be fooled as he knows when to focus all his energy to be productive. Through his music, he aims to drum up emotions and tap into your mind. He as well is gifted with a very interesting mind and we have yet to get an extensive tour inside it.  Jedi‘s are given the exclusive ability of tapping into the force, and now it seems more than just a coincidence that both entities(Jedi’s and Jedi-P) share the same name and posses a very special attribute. – LEGEND-daily


Both a hip hop artist and socialite, it’s really difficult to miss Telli on the street or even at an event because of his outlandish style and palpable personality. Telli loves street-wear, but he loves supporting his friends even more. You can often see him sporting his pal’s clothing lines on any given day. No matter where he goes, Telli will always know someone at the party and will always keep you laughing.While he has been like a big brother to some very popular artists in this industry, this year is projected to be colossal for him and his group, Ninjasonik. In May 2013, they will be releasing their album Peter Pan Syndrome under Decon. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Instagram and check out his up-coming video with Ak Murdah! -@tisramya

All photos were shot and edited by Christopher Levy while being assisted by Jamiqve Mascoll