by on March 19, 2013

With a lot planned for 2013, VALU3BYJAY ends the first quarter with their inaugural collection, the FLWRBADNA collection, that features two pieces. The brand itself was built and invigorated by the daily struggle and hard work that comes with the life that we live. This plays a significant role into the pieces that they create and we surely see the inspiration in the FLWRBADNA collection.

Jesus, himself, is seen on both t-shirts and for good reason. Jesus is seen as the Savior to all people who believe in him as he gave his life to save ours. I digress though as I’m sure you hear enough of this on Sundays. The collection is now available for purchase on VALU3BYJAY‘s online store. Make sure to head over now and grab a piece before they’re gone and the next collection arrives.

Sidenote: There will be twenty more pieces released throughout the years so get ready!

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